Apr 21

Johnny Hedlund of Unleashed discussed the ideas behind Dawn Of The Nine


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Swedish death metal conjurers, Unleashed, returned to the spotlight with a new album tilted, Dawn Of The Nine. Unleashed has been one of the few long time standing death metal bands that had kept their sound and songwriting history constant, while others had turned into a pure folk/pagan metal. This Swedish quartet had keep developing a steady storyline on their lyrics while delivering devastating and unadulterated death metal.

Dawn Of The Nine follows the aftermath events described on the Odalheim album (2012), As the story shows a third-party getting involved into the war between the Midgard warriors and the White Christ army, The storyline on Dawn Of The Nine builds upon what is the role of this third-party, and how the Defenders of Midgard had to regain their strength in order to decimate the remaining White Christ scattered troops and hunt down the White Christ himself, who has already fleet the battlefield leaving his troops behind (fucking coward).

The Hammer Battalions which are the élite force of the Midgard warriors are now led by the avenger of Odalheim, which they called The Bolt Thrower. Dawn Of The Nine backside story is quite interesting as Unleashed continues telling the story of their viking heritage while delivering quality old school death metal.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Unleashed‘s bass player and founding member Johnny Hedlund about Dawn Of The Nine, the storyline behind the record, their experience at Maryland Deathfest last year, and their touring plans for 2015.



Interview with Johnny Hedlund of Unleashed by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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