Oct 06

John Brown of Monuments talked Gnosis with The Age of Metal


Monuments is a British djent band that was formed back in 2009 and that gain a lot of attention from the metal scene after they released their EP We Are The Foundation in 2010, and was received with arms wide open by the cyber metal communities.

Monuments had written almost in full their debut album Gnosis after the release of We Are The Foundation, but due to lineup changes was postponed for a while. At the beginning of the year Monuments signs a deal with Century Media Records, and sets the releasing date of Gnosis for September 2012. The album is composed by 9 tracks full of aggressive guitars and vocals and fast paced drums, contrary to focus more on the melodic aspect of the music, Monuments aims for a more extreme approach. Songs like The Uncollective, Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise, Degenerate and Doxa are testimony of the power of this album.

In the other hand Gnosis brings a fresh approach to the djent sound with songs like Blue Skying Thinking and Denial that are the best examples of this band’s talent. But the melodic side is not left out on this album, tracks like Static, Admit Defeat and Regenerate are the best examples of melody and technicality blend.

Overall Gnosis is a different proposal to the djent table, as Monuments focus more on the aggression and extreme music and vocals rather than the melodies surrounding the songs. The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with John Brown guitar player and founder of Monuments. We talked about Gnosis, the band’s changes, and their upcoming participation on the Euroblast tour along side bands like Stealing Axion, Jeff Loomis and Vildhjarta.

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