May 09

John Baizley of Baroness speaks to The Age of Metal


Few bands have the power of rocking out a stage live and doing it correctly. Baroness is one of those bands. Formed in 2003 in Savannah, Georgia by former members of local punk and metal bands to create a new band.

Vocalist and guitarist John Baizley while making all the artwork for Baroness, has also created artwork for many bands in the metal community with his own unique style. On May 3rd Baroness and Decapitated with headliner Meshuggah graced us with their presence at Marquee Theater in Tempe. In this tour there was something for everyone as the slightly odd mixture of having Baroness, Decapitated, and Meshuggah worked. A fairly short show due to it being only 3 bands, Baroness were the second band to go up. Now Baroness is a different sort of monster compared to the brutal death metal that is Decapitated. Baroness is much more down and dirty rock n roll. When Baroness came on stage, almost instantaneous the energy of the band began to seep through the crowd. The members of Baroness definitely know how to give the crowd a good show with some good ol’ headbanging and power slides courtesy of John Baizley.

        Right before Baroness came on stage we had the pleasure of talking with the main man John Baizley. We talked of the tour, their new double album Yellow and Green, their hometown of Savannah, Georgia, and his artwork. Check out our interview below!

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