May 12

Joel Grind – The Yellowgoat Sessions (2013)


The voice behind the Toxic Holocaust is Joel Grind, the frontman and founder of the band has branched out and is releasing “The Yellowgoat Sessions.” This is the first album of his solo project.  Now for fans of Toxic Holocaust know that “The Yellowgoat Sessions” is not just more Toxic Holocaust songs under a different name but something totally different.  The infusion of punk, black metal and less thrash would be the major influences on this album.  As always rough raw recording gives Joel that gritty sound that we’ve all grown to love.

The Yellowgoat Sessions shows a different side of Joel and really highlights guitars and vocals.  The whole entire track list has malevolent sounding titles which really adds to a stronger black metal influence including the album name “The Yellowgoat Sessions” & cover referring to  Baphomet.  Hell’s Master of Hell you can’t get any more satanic with a title like  that.  But in all honesty it truly is a killer song.  From a great heavy guitar rift intro to a cool guitar solo at 1:52 this track has heavy metal written all over it.    Foul Spirit Within reminds me of some old school Bathory but with a twist.  This song really does evoke some dark energy and creates a much more grim atmosphere than the tracks before it.  The vocals sound like there’s a dark presence of a demon fueling Joel, really does add more depth and dimension to the track.

Its time to call upon the Black Order.  The 5th track off the album keeps things moving a long and is a killer song to jam out to.  Switching things to a more thrash beat Hail to Cruelty has that classic thrash drum beat.  The punk influence is pretty heavy on this one and of course its the last track on the album not letting you forget Joel’s root influences.

The Yellowgoat Sessions can be viewed as a concept album with heavy black metal influences.  Joel did a great job separating Toxic Holocaust and creating his own style with his solo project.  I personally love when an artist can be versatile but still keep true to his musical roots.  Joel stated that the album is a  “name your own price” release with a suggested donation of $5. You are welcome to pay whatever you feel like paying or pay nothing at all.  Making a recording is far from free, your donation of any size goes toward supporting an independent artist and allows projects like this to continue. In my opinion, music being released direct from the artist to the fan with no middle men is the future…with your support of this project as well as similar ones from other artists I think we can make a serious change in the way the music “biz” is run.”  A true artist who really does live for making music not just the fame, money but for the true love of art.  Very Excited to see what direction Joel will take it with his next album, The Yellowgoat Sessions is a cd people should definitely check out.

Track List

01. Ascension
02. Hell’s Master of Hell
03. Vengeance Spell
04. Foul Spirit Within
05. Cross Damnation
06. Grave Encounters
07. Black Order
08. The Eternal One
09. Hail to Cruelty
10. Descension

Genre: Black/Thrash/Punk/Metal


Line up: Joel Grind


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