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Joacim Cans of Hamerfall discussed Whiskey, (r)Evolution and 70000 Tons Of Metal



Hammerfall is a band that had personally impressed me since their début album Glory of The Brave back in 1997, they came to the scene in a time that heavy metal needed a revitalization, they did it, albums like Renegade or Crimson Thunder will go down in history as some of the albums that brought back the rebellious character that heavy metal was craving by the end of the 90’s and early 2000’s. It was Hammerfall‘s heavy metal style the one that started that revitalization process. 

Now, almost 20 years since the release of their first album they have come back to those roots with their latest album (r)Evolution, an album loaded with epic riffs and anthems that are capable of inspiring you to embrace the fight for heavy metal greatness. Before 70000 Tons of Metal, the last time I saw Hammerfall live was headlining the last night at ProgPower USA in 2010 in front of 1200 metal heads in Atlanta, GA.

From there to the response that they got at 70000 Tons Of Metal 6 years later there was not difference, they still make you headbang and sing along to each of their songs.  It was interesting to feel the response coming from the crowd at 70000 Tons, from new songs like Hector’s Hymn, Life Live Loud or Bushido to classics like Renegade, Let The Hammer Fall and Blood Bound. The crowd at both shows got a large sample of the live power of the Templars of Metal, that even with a revamped lineup Hammerfall still managed to get the crowds to sing along iconic songs like or Glory Of The Brave or Hearts on Fire.


Both of their shows were not only different in the way Hammerfall approached to every one of them, or how the set list was a crowd-pleaser in both instances, but in the way Hammerfall adapted the experience depending on the stage, Their show at the Pool Deck was more casual, but the show at the Alhambra theater had a bit more of that stage presence that Hammerfall is well-known for.

The Age of Metal had the chance to speak with Joacim Cans vocalist of Hammerfall between shows, we talked about the band’s latest album (r)Evolution, the difficulties of touring the US, their Whiskey, the 70000 Tons of Metal experience, and what is for them in storage for the rest of the year.

Photos: Hammerfall at 70000 Tons of Metal (Pool Deck 02/05/16)


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