May 14

Joakim Brodén of Sabaton talked to us touring North America, Heroes, and ideas for the next album.



Sabaton‘s popularity have grown a lot since their first US tour back in 2012, they had become an interesting and fun band to watch live, not only the thematic aspect of their lyrics or how fresh their heavy metal style is are part of the appealing this band has. But, there is also the charisma that this Swedish quintet brings to the stage.

Including this tour supporting Nightwish, Sabaton has played in america more shows than any other european band that I can remember in the past 3 and a half years, and every time their fan base gets bigger and better.
This time around is not different as Sabaton continues on their Heroes world tour as the album was released last year, and a special edition was launched on the eve of this tour.

The set list for their 50 minute show was a various one that included the now iconic opener Ghost Division, followed by To Hell and Back, and Night Witches out of the new album Heroes. Some of the crowd favorites like; Carolus Rex, Swedish Pagans, Primo Victoria and Metal Crüe, were also included on their show.

Since this was a new venue for them in Arizona, their sound was bigger and more epic than their previous shows, one thing that keeps impressing me about Sabaton, is their ability to win fans so quick.  I talked with several people around the venue who were either seeing or heard about them for the first time, and they seem to liked their set, their style and how well they fit to the Nightwish crowd. I am convince that as many of the people that came only for Nightwish, they left the venue with a new band to check out, or a favorite new band.

It’s not doubt that Sabaton is on their way to American greatness, and soon they will be in the position to headline an American tour with crowds the same size if not bigger than the ones we have seen so far on this tour.

Before their show at Marquee Theater we had the chance to talk with vocalist Joakim Brodén of Sabaton about their experience touring North America with Nightwish, the fan response to their new album Heroes, the creative process that goes into create an album like that, and ideas for the next Sabaton record.

Pictures: Sabaton at Marquee Theater. Tempe, AZ (05/02/15)


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