Aug 24

Jens Ludwig of Edguy checked in with The Age Of Metal


German metal band Edguy returns with their tenth studio album, Age Of The Joker. After finished a world  tour with his side project Avantasia, vocalist Tobias Sammet meet with the rest of the Edguy gang and started writing and producing material to what it is the new album of Edguy. Age Of The Joker will be release this week in Europe and at the beginning of September in the USA.  The Age Of Metal had the opportunity to talk with Edguy‘s  guitar player Jens Ludwig about Age Of The Joker, their first single Robin Hood (see video below) and the upcoming European tour. This is what he told us

How do you describe The Age of the Joker?

What is your favorite track of the album?

Sasha Paeth has been producing for Edguy since Rocket Ride, how was the production process now with the Age of The Joker?

Where do you think this album stands amongst The rest of Edguy’s discography?

The joker is been like a mascot for Edguy, what is the role of the joker in the new album and where the idea of the cover art came from?

Let’s talk about the Robin Hood video, the first time i saw it, the only thing that came to my mind was the movie “Robin Hood : Men In Tights”. Is it any inspiration on that movie for the concept of the video?

At the end of September Edguy will be kicking off the European tour, supported by Kottak (band of Scorpions’s drummer James Kottak). What do you expect of this tour?

Is been almost 2 years since Edguy played in the USA, are there any plans for a The Age Of The Joker North American tour?

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