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Jay Evans of Ingested discussed new music at Summer Slaughter Tour



One of the bands I was looking most forward to seeing at Summer Slaughter was Ingested. This is a modern death metal band I grew to appreciate, and I only heard great things about their live set. It was their first time playing in Tampa, so this show was gargantuan for them. And even as a new band, they brought the slaughter!

After seeing their set, they better come back again. Seeing songs live such as “The Divine Right of Kings” was unreal. Being one of the first bands on the bill, they attracted a huge crowd. The Ritz was feeling the onslaught as fans were moshing their way through their whole set. The attention didn’t end there, I personally heard Slaughtergoers hype them up and vocalist Jay Evans got plenty of pictures with fans.

Ingested is a band that’s on the rise. With their recent signing to Unique Leader Records, Ingested is working on their new album. Ingested is already brutal, but they can only take their brutality further. This material won’t be anything like where extreme music has gone before, and Ingested is sure to be the band that will unleash the bloodshed.

But overall, Ingested is more than being heavy. For a young band, they have a lot of depth in their music. Pure human anger is mixed in with philosophical lyrical themes. This is why Ingested conquers over other modern extreme metal bands: listeners can relate to this band. No matter how many slams or blast beats you have, it’s the raw emotion that compels a listener more than anything. Ingested has the perfect combination of complex themes with aggressive songwriting, which makes them the perfect modern death metal band.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with Jay Evans of Ingested. In the interview we discuss the Summer Slaughter Tour, playing in Tampa, and what they can say about their new album.


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