Sep 05

Jason Keyser of Origin discussed Full Terror Assault Open-Air



Full Terror Assault is on its second year of gathering the most extreme acts in metal, and putting them in the middle of the woods. So what better band to include in this unorthodox line-up than Origin? No one can deny that Origin made their legacy on their inhuman technicality, while combining the perfect amount of brutality in the equation. And at America’s first true open-air festival, the fans were more than happy to stand in the rain and headbang with these tech death icons.

Whether it was watching vocalist Jason Keyser coercing the crowd to mosh in the mud or gazing upon guitarist Paul Ryan performing his mindblowing solos, Origin owned Full Terror Assault this year. Hail space, much? The crowd was more than happy to stay up for Origin’s set, meeting in the dark and rainy night to mosh and headbang. Because even in the woods, the crowd went berserk over Origin. This is a band that is equally dexterous and aggressive, so everyone on the most brutal campgrounds was watching their set. And I have to give it to Origin, even in the rain they played each song perfectly with a crazy amount of energy.

This isn’t a one-off date for Origin. They’re currently on the Conquering the Dead Tour, performing alongside giants such as Belphegor and Shining. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Origin live, and I have to say they’re just as awesome each time I see them live. Is it safe to say that Origin was a favorite amongst the drunk and sweaty Full Terror Assault-ers? I think that’s a safe fact to say.

The Age of Metal was about to speak to Keyser while at Full Terror Assault. You can see Keyser munching on a taco made by the awesome Darren Faulkenburry. He also discusses the Conquering the Dead Tour, Full Terror Assault, Origin’s songwriting process and about breaking barriers in death metal.


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