Apr 11

Jason Decay of Cauldron chats with The Age of Metal



Keeping it old-school and heavy Cauldron plays a no non-sense style of heavy metal that harkens back to a time where metal was metal and there was no bickering of which sub-genres was best. Formed in 2006 in Toronto, Canada they has since then risen up the ranks in their home town and have now garnered a following. Their newest album Tomorrow’s Lost via Earache and their third full length was released last year with positive reviews.

We here at The Age of Metal recently did an interview vocalist and bassist Jason Decay. In it we talked about the band, their newest release Tomorrow’s Lost, the scene in Toronto, playing The Orion Festival, and their headling tour in the summer. Check out our interview here and don’t forget to catch them on their headlining North American tour in late spring/early summer!

Jason Decay of Cauldron chats with The Age of Metal by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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