Apr 12

Return to the land of Red Cloud: A conversation with Jan Rechberger of Amorphis


After almost 10 years of absence in the US and 12 years since their last AZ visit, Amorphis finally toured the US and played a gig near me, which meant I got to see them for the first time ever, since I missed them last time they played the west coast with Nightwish in L.A a few years back. Well, after seeing their show I am convinced this is a band that must be seen live at least once in a lifetime. Amorphis released Under The Red Cloud in 2015, and it surely became one of the best albums of that year.  

I arrived a bit early since I had a scheduled interview with Amorphis, after the interview I went out and grab a bite before the show. I returned before 8 pm as Autumn’s End was about to take the stage, they put a hell of a great show and grabbed my attention since I saw them at the Kreator after-party a few weeks ago. They are a band that doesn’t play a lot of shows, but when they do they deliver a heavy and tight show, definitely one of the best local bands I have seen here in a while. 

Autumn’s End

Next up was Swallow The Sun who returned to the valley after they visited us last time with Dark Tranquility in December last year. Their show as last time they came it was awesome, Swallow The Sun is one of those bands that have an amazing live presence and deliver a real kick ass show, they are not into too much stage theater as other bands are, but they for sure put a great emotional and heavy show, so it was great to listen to them again. 

Swallow The Sun

Around 10 pm Amorphis took the stage opening with two tracks from Under The Red Cloud (Under The Red Cloud & Sacrifice ), The show continued with a trip down memory lane to the Skyforger album with Sampo & Silver Bride, from there we listen to an amazing live interpretation of Hopeless Days out of the Circle album (2013) and then back to Skyforger with the album’s title track. Bad blood from Under The Red Cloud was next, then we were back to 2006 with The Smoke out of the Eclipse album, 

At this point, I was beyond thrilled with the set list, and with those amazing tracks being played live before my very eyes. Then as soon as Into Hiding started playing, it hit me, I was listening to part of Tales of A Thousand Lakes being played live, something that I have been waiting to listen for a very long time. Listening to On Rich and Poor and My Kantele from the Elegy album (1996) was a nice surprise for this set list. Up next we were back into the Eclipse album with House of Sleep, amazing song live. 

Amorphis closed up their set with a song from the present and one from the past, so I would be lying to you if I tell you that all the feels were in place at the time they played Death of a King from Under The Red Cloud and the classic and eternal favorite Black Winter Day, an amazing track that is without a doubt a huge piece of Amorphis’ legacy. It was an amazing experience, to say the least seeing Amorphis live. They are definitely one of those bands that keep their sound live as closest to their album sound, a brilliant band to see live.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, we had the chance to talk with Jan Rechberger, drummer and founder member of Amorphis. We talked about the tour, the success of Under The Red Cloud and the legacy that Amorphis has created around being one of the most influential bands coming out from Finland before many of any other big names coming from there. 



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