May 09

James Malone of Arsis talked Unwelcome with The Age Of Metal



Arsis had become one of the more professional and clean sounded bands in the American technical death metal spectrum in the last 6 years, regardless of their unstable line up the band had achieved success developing a unique sound in today’s competitive tech-death scene

Arsis released their new album titled Unwelcome last week, the album features new and returning band members, and a less technical but heavier sound that defines the moment that the band is living at the moment. Unwelcome is heavy and dense from beginning to end, I might say that the return of drummer Shawn Priest to the band combined with the musical skills of Brandon Ellis on guitar are the secret behind how the record turnout, but again that is just my point of view.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to chat with Arsis‘s mainman James Malone (guitar/vocals) about the new album, their tour, their sound, and what is next for Arsis

*This interview was conducted before Hypocrisy had to drop off their headlining North American tour


Interview with James Malone of Arsis by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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