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James Genez of Jungle Rot discusses Metal Alliance Tour and Touring


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With how heavy Jungle Rot is, you’ll never guess this band was formed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But with a hefty discography and years of touring, this band sits right up there with all of the extreme metal legends. While performing at Metal Alliance 2016, their response was one of the best for the tour.

An old-school band such as Jungle Rot fits perfectly with the Tampa scene, so they easily crushed The Orpheum. The crowd got into with tons of moshing and headbanging, especially when Jungle Rot performed songs such as “Doomsday.” Overall, Jungle Rot is a band that is always welcome in Tampa.

Whether it was their first release or their newest album Order Shall Prevail, this band slays. They’re unrelentless in their nature, and hardly any force is as brutal as Jungle Rot. Their leads and solos pierce flesh, and their overall sound has always been heavy. But unlike a lot of other extreme metal bands Jungle Rot incorporates more groove and melodies in their writing, allowing them to stand out among the masses. And even though this band is more old-school, their songwriting continually progresses. This is why Jungle Rot isn’t simply brutal, but anyone can feel their music.

What else can we expect from Jungle Rot except for more music and more touring? Jungle Rot is expecting to be doing more touring in 2016. But overall, while most bands go downhill during their careers Jungle Rot is only moving forward. And no matter what, Jungle Rot will always stay heavy. While this band has been around since the late nineties, we’re witnessing them at the height of their careers. And they’re not stopping anytime soon.

The Age of Metal was able to speak to bassist James Genez. In the interview, we discuss Metal Alliance Tour, their songwriting, and what they have going on next.

Pictures: Jungle Rot at Metal Alliance Tour (Tampa, FL 05/25/16)



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