Jan 09

Iron Savior – The Landing (2012)


After a lapse of 4 years since their last album Megatropolis, Iron Savior returns with a new chapter of their Sci-Fi concept. Formed back in 1997 by guitar genius Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, Ex- Helloween) and Piet Sielck, but that after the departure of Hansen back in 2001, Sielck continue with the band and took the traveling course of the Iron Savior ship further in music until today. Iron Savior belongs to the old trend of German power metal, but with the difference that their sound leans towards a nostalgic NWOBHM remembrance. The catchy riffs, bombastic intros and outros and an outer-space story makes their music a fun and enjoyable guilty pleasure

The Landing is a straight forward metal piece full of bombastic atmospheres and killer riffs like The Savior, Starlight and March Of Doom are good old school fast paced metal songs that really never would go out of fashion. A track that called my attention was Heavy Metal Never Dies, because you know what, metal anthems are fun to listen to or you have never caught up yourself rocking out and throwing horns at tunes like, Manowar‘s Warriors Of The World or Doro‘s We Are The Metalheads, If you have never done so, you are missing out the fun.

Now continuing with the album, songs like Hall Of The Heroes and Faster Than All are a clear example of the bombastic factor that band uses on their music is  well done and creates momentum. All I can say is that The Landing is a good and fun album to listen, and enjoy bands like Iron Savior that presents us with well done classic heavy metal without the expectancy of a breakthrough, just plain and in your face metal.


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