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Iron Maiden at Ashley Furniture Home Pavilion (08/06/12)


Since its announcement back in January the Maiden England North American tour was destined to be a very special one. Based on the 1988 seventh son of a seventh son album, the 2012 tour is a reminiscence of the tour that followed the record at that time.

Iron Maiden is well-known not only for putting a hell of production on their shows, but also one of the greatest live performances. The band stopped in Phoenix, AZ at the Ashley Furniture Home Pavilion on August 6th, and the valley of the sun received them with a very warm welcome as the temperature rose around the 107 degrees inside the venue. The band selected to support Iron Maiden on this tour was Coheed And Cambria, a band that from my perspective would fit more as an opening act for Radiohead or Muse rather than Iron Maiden. Their music was a blend between indie rock and progressive rock, not impressive enough to capture the attention of the Maiden legions that wanted them to go over with their 45 minute set as quickly as possible. No disrespect towards Coheed And Cambria, but they just didn’t fit the headliner.

Iron Maiden got on stage around 9pm after the well-known intro of “Doctor, Doctor” by UFO, then the “Maiden, Maiden, Maiden” chant was all over the venue, as the lights went down and the arpeggio of Moonchild opened the show, when Adrian, Dave, Steve, Janick, Nikko & Bruce appeared on stage the whole venue came as one voice singing along Moonchild with them. The following song was Can I Play With Madness a classic that the crowd screamed as loud as they could follow Bruce’s command “Scream For Me Phoenix”, next was The Prisoner a real jewel on Iron Maiden‘s repertory that many of us were waiting to hear them play live. Afraid To Shoot Strangers was the next piece of jewelry displayed by the band.

Next was The Trooper and The Number Of The Beast a couple of favorites of the crowd that keep singing, screaming and asking for more. Phantom Of The Opera was my personal favorite, the musical execution by Dave, Adrian & Janick was incredible. Run To The Hills and Wasted Years continued the party that by then was getting hotter and hotter even though it was dark already, so I guess the energy of the public was at the maximum level. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son was an incredible piece, full with different shifts of melodies, and tempo changes that the band performed to perfection. Following that, The Clairvoyant and Fear Of The Dark keep the crowd pumped as they sang along with Bruce and company. To wrap up the night the legendary heavy metal band played Iron Maiden, Aces High, The Evil That Men Do, and the iconic Running Free.

It was an incredible night, the band left everything on the stage, the production, the fire & the pyro were phenomenal. One of the things that let me impressed was that Bruce Dickinson at their 54 years old still runs, jumps and moves around the stage as he used to do it almost 30 years ago when he started in the band, I really don’t know how he do it all, playing on a band, flight commercial airplanes, and running his own business.

A great night of Iron Maiden classics that for what I saw were enjoyed by different generations as I remember next to me was a 39-year-old mom with her two teenage daughters, and all of them sung, screamed and head bang to the Maiden songs with the same passion.

*all the pictures were taking with my phone

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