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Intronaut – The Direction of Last Things (2015)



Intronaut has always been a band that has progressed fast. With talented individuals these musicians and songwriters craft songs anyone can remember. They use a blend of catchy melodies with aggression that’s illimitable. With The Direction of Last Things, they opened themselves up to new ideas and in this process they effectively rediscovered themselves. Not only is Intronaut an adept force in metal, they’re a unique one. There is no better way to describe this album, and ultimately this band.

The album opens up with Fast Worms. This song embodies crazy rapidity, with swift riffing and drumming. The growls mixed with cleans give a complex atmosphere; intense but catchy. With the progressing time signatures going from raw to jazzy, it will leave you shocked. In short, this song is unpredictable but simple enough to enjoy.

The next song, Digital Gerrymandering shows the talented songwriting of this band. The song is distorted, going from riff-happy intro to deep-toned skincrawler. While not as progressive as the previous song, its heavy monotoned atmosphere will stand out to any listener. The most prevalent aspect of the band is the use of bass, where Joe Lester makes his bass weave in and out of the channels throughout the song. Overall, this will sure be a song to stand out.

The Pleasant Surprise definitely speaks for itself, it’s a lot brighter and more awake than the previous song. The riffs aren’t as deep, and sound almost wide open as Danny Walker’s iconic drumming mosies on in. The catchiness of this song continues, as Lester’s bass makes its way in halfway through the song while maintaining groove from drums and guitars. So whether you listen to Intronaut for the groove or for the heaviness, this song will attract either listener.

The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing is the most unique on the album. It’s far more proggy than anything on the album, including Fast Worms; the voice-over intro leads to the intensity of the song as jazz riffs open the track. It then gets heavier as growls come in and the riffs become more impacted. It then gets softer, emerging with more jazz-influenced but softer riffs and bass lines. While there are multiple elements in this song, they all blend together perfectly so the song eases through.

The title track The Direction of Last Things embodies this band perfectly. With Walker’s crazy fast drumming over easy riffs, this song goes in all sorts of different directions. Especially when the song explodes in growl vocals and catchy riffs, the listener won’t know where this song is going. You’ll also think the song is over, yet a brief instrumental part emerges close to the song’s end. With so many elements to this song, the listener will either experience chaos or serenity. This view sums up Intronaut as a whole.

The album ends with City Hymnal. While this song is very melodic, it also has a sense of chaos. With melodic riffing and Walker’s drumming going all over the place you can’t help but stop and wonder what’s going on. When the song eases into a melodic instrumental, the listener will think the lights have shut off and it’s time to relax. But Walker picks up the tempo, and with that the rest of the band picks up. This happens until the encore of the chorus comes back into the end of the song.

This is an album that anyone can listen to and enjoy all aspects of the writing. The songs will provoke any listener. This is why The Direction of Last Things is one of the best albums Intronaut has written in a while. With musicians who constantly grow, this is embodied in the ultimate sound that is Intronaut. But all that can be said is Intronaut will serve as an influence to so many people.



1 Fast Worms
2 Digital Gerrymandering
3 The Pleasant Surprise
4 The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
5 Sul Ponticello
6 The Direction of Last Things
7 City Hymnal

Genre: Progressive Metal

Record Label: Century Media Records

Playing Time: 47 Minutes


Sacha Dunable – guitar, vocals
Joe Lester – bass
Dave Timnick – guitar, vocals, percussion
Danny Walker – drums


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