Aug 13

Interview with Zeb Nilsson of Aeon at Summer Slaughter 2013 in Orlando, FL (07/26/13)



Aeon is sure to return the blasphemy to The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013. Hailing from Sweden, Aeon traveled a long distance to spread their impious message. Since they released their newest album Aeon’s Black last year, Aeon has received constant praise and did some touring in support of the album. Now being a part of The Summer Slaughter Tour line-up this year, they will continue to spread their diabolic message to the masses. Being one of the most brutal forces in death metal today, Aeon has no problems impressing the American crowd.

I will say this much, none of the other bands obtains the onerous stage presence that Aeon has. The unorthodox death metal troupe conducted the Orlando, FL crowd to rage to their fullest extent. Playing immoral tracks such as Still They Pray, Forgiveness Denied, and Aeon’s Black, their iniquitous message was instilled into the minds of the crowd.  Their ongoing onslaught definitely makes them the most brutal band on The Summer Slaughter Tour line-up this year. So do the other bands really possess the vigor that Aeon has? I don’t think so.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with Aeon‘s guitarist Zeb Nilsson. In the interview we discuss: The Summer Slaughter Tour, touring in America, their songwriting, and some information on a new album.


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