Aug 22

Interview with Maria & Chris of In This Moment


Last week the All Stars Tour 2011 passed through to the valley of the sun, and with it seasoned metalcore band In This Moment. But it was a bit odd for me see them on this tour, because 99% of the bands that played on it are unknown to me and are different to the style of In This Moment, but I’ve wanted to talk with the band since I saw them last semester.

I must say that their show just blew me away, the charisma and professionalism of Maria Brink in the stage as front woman is amazing, and the energy and delivery of the band was incredible. The band played songs like The Gunshow, The Promise, and Iron Army, just for name some of them. Even Maria got into the crowd (surrender by women of course) and with a huge mosh pit around her put the venue to rock, that was crazy and awesome at the same time.

Previous to the show, I had the chance to talk with Maria & Chris (guitar player) about the tour, their latest album and what is coming up for the band. This is what they told us:

How has been the all-stars tour so far?

Which has been the craziest crowd?

In This Moment would be part of the Shiprocked 2011, sharing stage with bands like Queensryche, Buckcherry, Hellyeah and Sevendust, what are your expectations for this giant floating stage?

Last year In This Moment released A Star Crossed Wasteland, how has been the response of public to the new album?

How was the experience of working with Kevin Churko (Ozzy & Five Finger Punch) producing the album?

We heard that In This Moment is working in new material for the next album, what can you tell us about it?

Maria, you got the Hottest chick metal award on the 2010 revolver golden gods award, how do you see the role of women in metal today?

what is next for In This Moment?

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