Dec 13

Interview with Jarkko of Korpiklaani


Last time Korpiklaani visited the US was almost three years ago, and for some reason I missed their date here in AZ. So when their Ukon Wacka Tour 2011 was announced I cleared my calendar for December 8th. It was my first time seeing them live, I’ve heard the stories that the best way to enjoy a Korpiklaani concert is to be drunk, but I decided  be sober this time so I could tell the tale of it. The band when on stage right after Arkona, and by that time the Russians had already warmed the crowd with some pagan tunes and folky mosh pits, so it won’t take long for the Finnish to reignite the flame again. Playing songs like Wooden Pints, Tequila, Vaarinpolkka, Pine Woods and of course the favorites Beer Beer and Vodka, even they played the cover of Iron Fist by Motorhead, which is the  bonus track on their latest release Ukon Wacka. It was a great show and the energy of the crowd was amazing.

Previous to the show we had the chance to talk with Jarkko, the bass player of the band about Ukon Wacka, their current tour, the video of Tequila and the future plans of the band.

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