Apr 10

Interview with Earl Maneein of Resolution 15



What do you get when you remove the guitar sound of a band and replace it with a violin? Well, you get a kick ass distorted sound for a metal/hardcore/classical band from New York City. That is what Earl Maneein has created with Resolution 15.

Resolution 15 is an underground band that has made its way to the surface of the clogged New York metal scene, because of their peculiar and unique sound, and their message of global change within their lyrics. This band has turned heads left and right, with the release of their début album Svaha ( “So be it” in Sanskrit). The album carries a natural and raw sound, that was captured during the first takes of the recording process (so not too much retouching), Quite risky for a full length, but that worked pretty well for them as the album turned out a pure and brutal metal record of the highest quality.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with violist and founder member Earl Maneein about the band’s history, Svaha, their ideals, their sound, and of course how in hell he plays that damn violin so heavenly on each song.


Interview with Earl Maneein of Resolution 15 by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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