Aug 14

Interview with David & Phil of Revocation at The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 in Orlando, Florida



Revocation is by far the most dynamic force of The Summer Slaughter Tour this year. Combining the intensity of thrash metal with the ruthlessness of death metal, Revocation has gained a dedicated fan base over the past several years. And with their newest self-titled album released a week ago, I can only imagine how much the crowd’s reaction has grown. Revocation is definitely taking The Summer Slaughter Tour this year in a completely new direction.

Seeing them at The Summer Slaughter Tour this year was my first time seeing them, and all I can say is I was captivated by their energetic stage presence and how perfect they sounded. The moment they opened up with The Hive, the crowd went nuts. Some of the other new songs they played, like Invidious, got a great response. Following The Summer Slaughter Tour, Revocation will be touring in Europe during the fall and in North American during the winter. With the immense amount of touring Revocation will be doing after the album’s release, it’s a wonder how the band does this without a break.

The Age of Metal was able to talk to Revocation‘s guitarist and vocalist David Davidson and drummer Phil Dubois. In the interview we discuss: The Summer Slaughter Tour, writing for their new self-titled album, their new bassist Brett Bamberger, and what they have planned after their new album’s release.


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