Apr 20

Interview with Cam Pipes of 3 Inches Of Blood


3 Inches of Blood has been around for years and have proven that heavy metal is not going anywhere.  The Canadian band has a unique sound to them by dueling high pitched vocals and amazing guitar solos.  They have a great reputation as a band and continue to grow and evolve every day.  Their latest album Long Live Heavy Metal,” (Century Media)  is perfect example of their inmense talent but also their personal style that separates them from everyone else.  The members of 3 Inches of blood are Cam Pipes  (Lead Vocals), Justin Hagberg (Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Vocals),  Shane Clark (Lead/Rhythm Guitar),  Ash Pearson (Drums), Byron Stroud (Bass).

On April 7th at the Marquee Theater in Tempe Arizona,  3 Inches of Blood came to town & played along side Job For a Cowboy, Dying Fetus, Devil Driver & many others.  The crowd at the show was totally blown away by 3 Inches of Blood since they were the only heavy metal band among the rest.  They had an amazing set list & show cased songs off the new album.  Both Justin & Shane were shredding on guitars & Cam was blasting people away with his voice.  They really put on a great show.  Everybody got really into them and some people who had never heard them before really loved them.  Their set list for the night was  Leather Lord, Deadly Sinners, Metal Woman, God of the Cold White Silence, Battles and Brotherhood, Dark Messenger, & The Goatrider’s Horde.

The Age of Metal had a chance to talk to lead singer Cam Pipes to discuss the new album, future tours & much more.


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