May 29

Interview with Arsis (The ‘Unwelcome’ chat)



Arsis‘s music is difficult to understand if you are foreign to Death Metal, as their formula breaks apart from the other bands that try to play this kind of music. They don’t bother in calling it tech death metal anymore, as they think that the term ‘has been out of hand for a long time now’. What will eventually get you while listening or watching this band play will be the musical quality at the time to perform, and the skill with the instrument. Those are two things that Arsis knows how to do, as their act is honest and skilled.

Arsis was set to open for Krisiun and Hypocrisy this month during a long North American tour. But because Hypocrisy had trouble with their visas and had to cancel their participation at the last minute, they teamed up with Krisiun and saved the tour. We had the pleasure to see them live a couple weeks ago at Joe’s Grotto here in Phoenix, AZ. They played a balanced set of old (Maddening Disdain, A Diamond For Desease, We Are The Nightmare, & The Face Of My Innocence) and new songs from their new album Unwelcome (Unwelcome, Handbook For The Recently Desease, & Scornstar) and from their previous EP Lepers Caress (Haunted, Fragile & Frozen, Six Coffins Wide & Carve my Cross) From my point of view their performance was the highest point of the night and their set was well received by the crowd.

We here at The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with the whole band, about their new album Unwelcome, the tour, rumors of a fall tour, their regular jobs, and much more.

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