Dec 01

Interview: Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker


As evidenced in our album review of Let Yourself Be Huge, Cloudkicker is awesome. There’s no question about it. Ben Sharp, the project’s architect, writes and records all the music for Cloudkicker himself, and doesn’t ask for payment for his work. He’s grown quite a following of people over the last few years, though Cloudkicker currently exists only as a solo, recording-only project and is distributed entirely on Bandcamp. If you’ve never listened to Cloudkicker before, then head on over to Bandcamp where you can download every release for free, or donate if you choose to do so.

There’s a question I’ve had since I first listened to Cloudkicker: WHO IS THIS GUY? While the music he writes is awesome, not many interviews exist on the internet for us to learn just who he is. Well, Jon & I had the chance to skype Ben for a pretty in-depth interview and figure that out. Turns out he’s one of the nicest people we’ve interviewed for this blog, and we were extremely lucky to do so.  Check it out:



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