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Insomnium & Omnium Gatherum play Club Red (Mesa, AZ 08/30/15)



Melodic death metal fans are brave and passionate enough to filled up a venue on a Sunday night (having to work early Monday morning), but when you have two of the greatest melodic death metal bands coming out from Finland visiting your town on a Sunday night, there is not obstacle that this crowd wouldn’t face to see Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium on the same bill.

The bill was good for any melo-death enthusiast out there. The show kicked off promptly at 7:40 pm with local band Krysamere, a project that sees members of local favorites Adavant filling up different roles on another genre of metal. Their sounded good for being the first time I hear or see them live, they fit the bill perfectly as they are also a melodic metal band, their concept is good, simple and straight to the point, not more, not less, and they got the crowd moving and in the floor close to the stage. They are a young band that still have lot work to do especially on their drum sound, and vocal arrangements. But definitely a promising melodic death metal band with an European influence that could be a surprise if the continue on the right track.


Omnium Gatherum was up next, these Finnish band left their mark on the AZ metal crowd when the came on tour with Dark Tranquillity a couple of years back, I remember them getting a pretty good response at that time, and this time around it was not different. They delivered a set list highly saturated with songs from their two latest albums; New World Shadows (Everfields, Ego, The Distance, New World Shadows) and Beyond (New Dynamic, The Unknowing,The Sonic Sign). A single song out of the Red Shift (Chameleon Skin), and a new song from their upcoming album (Skyline), which I only can describe as dark, heavy, with a catchy melody mixed out with a bit of prog influence on keyboards. Skyline is also included on their new Insomnium/Omnium Gatherum split 7 that was on sale at their merch table.

Even thought Omnium Gatherum couldn’t count with their original drummer Jarmo Pikka who had to stay home dealing with a family emergency, on his place Tuomo Latvala (Torture Killer, Hateform, Demigod) did a great job playing those songs, and allowing Omnium Gatherum to do this tour.


By the time Insomnium got on stage there was lighting, thunder and rain pouring outside the Club Red, a perfect setting for the masters of Finnish Melodic Death metal. To clarify, the band that got on that stage wasn’t the same band we got to see early this year supporting Dark Tranquillity, this time around Ville Friman wasn’t able to join the band for this tour due to a heavy schedule, instead they recruit young guitar god Nick Cordle (Sanctuary, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Arsis). A few weeks before the tour started, another announcement came out on which vocalist/bass player Niilo Sevänen was unable to join the tour due to a family emergency, filling up his place was Mike Bear (Artisan, Prototype) which for what we witness it was a great replacement for Niilo.

Insomnium set list was a trip through all their discography including; In The Halls Of Awaiting (The Elder), Since The Day It All Came Down (Bereavement), Above The Weeping World (Drawn To Black), Across The Dark (Down With The Sun, Weight Down With Sorrow), One For Sorrow (Every Hour Wounds), and Shadows Of The Dying Sun (The Primeval Dark, While We Sleep, Revelation, Black Heart Rebellion, Promethean Song, Ephemeral, Out To The Sea). If you ask me it was great to hear a good portion of songs from their latest album mixed with songs from all their discography, It was more of a dynamic show that ended up pleasing almost everyone in the room.

I was surprised by the stage chemistry between Nick Cordle and Markus Valhala (Even though he has been on double duty as he also is plays guitar for Omnium Gatherum), but their chemistry at the time to play each other out was quite impressive to be honest. Mike Bear was also really good as Niilo‘s replacement, his vocals were great, and he really put a good work on the bass parts as he only had a couple of weeks before the tour to learn them.


Overall, it was a great show that turn out quite good for a Sunday rainy night, the crowd response was incredible from mosh pits during Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium to really good reception of the two bands. I definitely would look forward to see Insomnium at 70000 tons next February, and I am quite excited about the upcoming Omnium Gatherum album to be release in around the same time next year.

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