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Insatia – Asylum Denied (2013)



Insatia‘s new album Asylum Denied was released a couple of weeks ago in Itunes without any label, sponsorship or the already overused IndieGoGo. This Canadian/American trio unleashed a pretty good album that is worth the attention and support of gothic metal fans in the US.

Asylum Denied goes classic gothic metal as in old Lacuna Coil, or early Within Temptation, even though a times they had a more dark sound like Xandria or even Elysium. Songs like; Heartsong & Taking Flight are some of those dark catchy songs that showcase the vocal talent of Zoë Marie Federoff. Her voice is sweet, but it could use a little more power. It definitely has a lot of potential, and the way it flows through the melodies in songs like Man Alive is quite incredible.

The guitar work of Jon “DUCK” Harris is quite impressive, this because he keeps it simple, and that is the trick to create this type of music, the more melodic the guitar and keyboards are the more amazing the result is, and DUCK got it right in that sense. Songs like Image Of Stone & Forbidden Kingdom are the best examples of that melodic simplicity.

Now, even though this is a good album, the band still needs some work especially in the production department to get a clearer sound, maybe try more dark sounds, or perhaps more grunting vocals and epic keyboard lines. I can say that Asylum Denied is a good effort from a band that shows a great deal of potential. I always believe that American gothic metal bands can overpower their European counterparts, and Insatia is a clear example of that.

The band recently released the video clip for the song Journey’s Call, and is gearing up to play their début album show at the Space Smoke Shop in Tucson, AZ this upcoming December 27th 2013.



1) Journey’s Call
2) Taking Flight
3) Forbidden Kingdom
4) Heartsong
5) Man Alive
6) Image of Stone
7) The Sight
8) Bleeding You
9) Deceit
10) I Know Not (This Heart)
11) Uncaged
12) Shattered Serenity

Genre: Gothic/Dark Metal

Playing time: 49 Minutes

Line Up:

Zoë – Vocals
DUCK – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jester – Drums/Percussion


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