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INFERNO Festival 2015 – Day 3 (04/04/15. Oslo, Norway)


Inferno 2015

Inferno‘s last day activities started with Swedish IXXI who presented their new album Skulls n’ Dust in society, which is the first album recorded after Nattdal passed away in 2011… An unholy grievance for the masses. After IXXI, Germans Secrets Of The Moon entered Rockefeller stage to show their thrash-based black metal full of hate… This year to present their new album SUN to the best black metal audience, a well crafted record that follows its ideology and sound… At 7pm, Zurich-based Deathcult blow up John Dee’s stage with their death metal machinery, in the finest old school style, definitely one of the best death metal tasting of the festival…

Slagmaur‘s performance was a weird mix of coats, masks and screams as always… Creepy sounds and low lights created a dark atmosphere that caught the audience… A demonstration of desperation, hate and despair (understandable if you come from Norway)… To keep Norwegian spirit into the stage, Kampfar burn off Rockefeller’s stage with their pyro and special effects combined to their pagan black metal… Honestly, I saw more than expected for this band, and it’s cool to be wrong in the good sense. Dolk is an interesting frontman who involves the crowd with Kampfar‘s music and pagan/folk ideology… Norwegian mythology attacks !!!

Kampfar – INFERNO 2015

Near 21:30, Dødheimsgard invaded Rockefeller’s stage to show what the word “transition” means… What a wonderful performance of those Norwegians !!! From decades of black metal to an outstanding album A Umbra Omega, an avant-garde record in the north as of many other brilliant musicians like Taake, Arcturus, Vulture Industries, etc. Dødheimsgard did an awesome gig this year… Remarkable !!

Dodheimsgard – INFERNO 2015

To continue with this Norwegian Black Easter, Italians Mortuary Drape shots John Dee’s crowd with their best songs and their well-known drapes… Under DC‘s control, a full venue followed their hymns and screams… This year, the band had a notorious emphasis on the bass sound which was really powerful… Even when Italian bands are not known for doing raw black metal, Mortuary Drape definitely is one of those mediterranean survivors who still rock, and that’s the reason for having them in INFERNO 2015…

Mortuary Drape – INFERNO 2015

Finally… This year’s INFERNO has to end, and what end !!! Bloodbath destroyed entirely the place !!! A wonderful gig of those Swedish who are presenting their new album Grand Morbid Funeral with Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) on vocals, who was criticized by some people who doubted about their skills on death metal… But definitely he can do the job and push the crowd to shake their heads with the band’s noise… Bloodbath did not lose the feel with Nick as frontman, and they did it by showing INFERNO‘s crowd what they can offer in this closing ceremony… An interesting end for a festival clearly focused to black metal and their relatives… INFERNO offered music for everyone !!!

Bloodbath - INFERNO 2015

Bloodbath – INFERNO 2015

Well… INFERNO 2015 is now finished, and the stocktaking is positive… A very well handled festival, professionally managed, diverse, easygoing and friendly in many senses that gave me a good experience… Definitely I’ll go back !!

As photographer, fan and lover of black metal arts, next editions can be improved in some aspects (obviously nothing is perfect but improvable) such as lights in John Dee’s stage, and better management of club day’s information (easy to fix)… Anyways, INFERNO has a remarkable organization, well-defined schedules, and an awesome crew that ensures that every single task will be done… Norwegians really know how to do big BM festivals !!!

Pictures: DødheimsgardMortuary DrapeKampfarBloodbath


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