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INFERNO Festival 2015 – Day 2 (04/03/15. Oslo, Norway)


Inferno 2015

Inferno‘s friday started with Italians death metallers ADE who crushed the John Dee’s venue with their screams and blasting drums… you can note George Kollias‘ influence into their sound which is closer to technical death metal than other styles, Italian death metal attack !!! Later, americans Goatwhore thrashed Rockefeller’s stage while presenting some of their new album Constricting Rage of the Merciless… The venue wasn’t full as expected, but those rangers did the job, american style into the venue to warm up engines…

Around 7pm Egyptians Crescent entered John Dee to present their first LP called Pyramid Slaves which is an album plenty of egyptian/sumerian scales and fast drums to a crowd that enjoyed their songs (Norwegian style obviously)… Pure death metal attack !!! Just after Crescent, Skeletonwitch invaded Rockefeller as the first big band of this black friday… a drinking crowd was waiting to party with those american thrashers and shake their heads while screaming in the pit… definitely it was more than expected, and the crowd answered the calling… American good-thrash metal is going back to the world’s stage…

Skeletonwitch - INFERNO 2015

Skeletonwitch – INFERNO 2015

Around 8:45 pm Dodsengel played at John Dee’s stage to a selected crowd ravenous for black metal where screams and density were the law of this gig… Dodsengel provides fast/low passages that sometimes put the crowd into different feelings going from raw BM to doom/depressive metal, anyways their overall performance was fair and fits the festival exigencies… Five minutes after Dodsengel, doom metal pioneers My Dying Bride took the stage to show its best to their fans who were awaiting for… their performance was up to scratch and the crowd had a comfortable, less hassle experience full of dense music with dark passages. As a part of Inferno‘s big cartel, My Dying Bride offered some classics combined to some of their last music in a brilliant gig for a mostly black metal audience who weren’t disappointed at all … an appetizer for what is coming…

My Dying Bride - INFERNO 2015

My Dying Bride – INFERNO 2015

Finally, the night is coming to its end at John Dee’s stage with one of the Finland’s finest… Sargeist shocked the place by playing their best songs to a full venue that answered the calling of darkness and hate of black metal… Shatraug’s raw symphonies combined to Vainaja’s unholy bass lines, Hoath Torog’s screams, VJS‘ noise and Horns‘ drums put the highest black metal tone of the day… Old school infamous black metal to end the day… No time for thinking this time, only true black metal fans were attending this ritual while many were not allowed to enter a fully crowded venue…

Sargeist at INFERNO 2015

Sargeist at INFERNO 2015

At midnight, Enslaved made the crowd crazy with their triumphant return to Oslo… The show started with some RIITIIR and their last production In Times‘ hymns and they gradually went to the basics… As the show evolved, they went out to their first albums, acclaimed by a sold-out venue (first sold out day in more than 5 years) to finish with their best songs… Those Bergen’s guys showed a big part of Norwegian folk-black metal music in a single gig, from Yggdrasill to the present days, this show was a recapitulation of the Norwegian viking metal music. Together with Taake, 1349, and Arcturus, Enslaved were the most important Norwegian bands invited this year, and they did not disappoint at all… A worthy headliner that deserved all crowd acclaim.

Pictures:  Enslaved, My Dying Bride, Sargeist, Skeletonwitch

Enslaved at INFERNO 2015

Enslaved at INFERNO 2015

Inferno Day 2

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