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INFERNO Festival 2015 – Day 1 (02/04/15. Oslo, Norway)



INFERNO‘s Day 1 started with Italians Haemophagus who injected a dose of grind death metal to the fest, even when the venue was not full, they did the job onstage. Then, Norwegians Execration hold death metal on the air by presenting their new album Morbid Dimensions with a fleshy and demential sound… Later, Indians Inner Sanctum went to the stage to show how hateful can they are. Although they are a very young band and Indian metal is not often among asian metal bands, those guys showed a nice attitude to the crowd.

Nearly 8pm, Greeks Septicflesh entered the venue to show their distinctive staging with power, hate and excellent sound. In a mixed set list, they presented their new album Titan with a good response from the crowd, who claimed for old stuff too. After Greek attack, Swedish Antichrist played the best of their thrash metal to a full venue, in an unexpected sample of violence and hatred.

1349 took the Rockefeller stage to put Black Metal on the top of the day and introduce their last album MCoC which has received very good critics, in a year where BM has seen the reborn of many bands around the world. As always, 1349 guaranteed an outstanding show, playing from their classics to their new music without rest…  After semigods 1349, Finnish Folk Metalllers Ensiferum took John Dee stage and played their epic music in a fully venue where some of their most dedicated fans showed their best folk dresses… Well, it’s Scandinavia !!!

1349 at INFERNO 2015

1349 at INFERNO 2015

Now, the fest turn out to another venue called Kulturhuset that hosted two of the most progressive bands in whole Norway: Virus and Vulture Industries +  Costin Chioreanu. Virus just went to the point by playing the best of their intricate, dark, weird and blackened progressive rock; those oldies have shown that age is not a problem when doing music is the law… Their unique style, sound and attitude fuse to some selected people who got limited tickets to this wonderful show… A night to remember…

Virus at INFERNO 2015

Then, Vulture Industries + Costin Chioreanu started their special show called “The Babylon Spiral show” which combined Costin‘s graphical art, choreography and concept of Vulture Industries‘s music… The result was a wonderful mix of madness, craziness, and progressive music only seen in Vulture Industries‘s shows… Fun, complex music, elaborated onstage, and rapport to the venue was the law of this set… An exclusive show for selected people… Definitely one of the Norway’s finest !!!

Vulture Industries at INFERNO 2015

Well… As you know, all good things comes to an end, and what end this day had… Almighty Behemoth headlined this first day !!! Obviously, this was an outstanding show, full of pyro, lights and their best onstage performance… The set consisted on a mix of their last album The Satanist with their best classics until finish to present the entire record… Definitely this show will always on the crowd’s mind due to its grand performance… Nobody expected that incredible show… A perfect headliner for this first day…

Behemoth at INFERNO 2015

In general, INFERNO‘s Day 1 has been succesful in all senses, full of different metal genres from different nationalities…. A day with rock, thrash, death, grind, black and avant-garde music did exceed the expectations of all people… From small and young bands coming from asia to some of the biggest bands in the world, INFERNO has shown that Norway is still on the top of music industry…

Apart from Costin Chioreanu‘s exposition, Black Shadows store, and related artists, there was an interesting project shown at the official hotel: Toxic Vision !!! A wonderful concept based on misanthropy, graphics, and dark art that took place at the same time as the festival… As interesting this concept is, as Nergal used it into Behemoth‘s last video clip for Messe Noire… Please have a look…

Toxic Vision Official Facebook


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