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INFERNO Festival 2015 – Club Day (04/01/15. Oslo, Norway)



INFERNO is the biggest metalfest in Norway, mostly dedicated to Norwegian Folk-Black Metal with some bands from abroad, including some non Black Metal bands. This year’s INFERNO conmemorates the 15th edition of this “black easter” festival, starting with its traditional Club Day which is the appetizer of the main event. Four stages in three venues present the best Norwegian musicians, grouped by labels Terratur Possesions, Indie Recordings, and Dark Essence.

The most expected bands this year were Arcturus who presented their new single Arcturians, Svartidaudi, Blodhemn, and of course almighty Taake. The party started at John Dee (Indie Recordings stage) with The Osiris Club, a psychodelic/progressive rock coming from UK that proven there is no need to show your face to make a cool performance, then Patria from Brazil puts Black Metal into the stage by presenting their new studio album Individualism which was recorded with Indie Recordings. Norwegian Black Metal-thrashers Blodhemn finished activities in John Dee by presenting their last album H7.

Naglfar at Vulkan Arena

Vulkan Arena and Pokalen work together as one big venue, where young Icelanders Misþyrming (yep… Icelanders !!!) started the night by presenting their first album entitled Söngvar elds og óreiðu which was a show full of dark and dense sounds. Danish Solbrud continues with some modern Black Metal, and then we go back to Icelandic sounds from Sinmara‘s hands (yep… Iceland is appearing on the map!!!) who are putting their own seal on Icelandic noises. Swedish melodic-Black Metal Naglfar shown their power onstage by playing their best songs, as preparation for main dishes: Icelanders Black Metal Sinmara (Yes… Iceland definitely is on the Black Metal worldmap !!!) who played their deep, dark and sepulcral music in front to a small crowd… And Norwegians Arcturus who presented their new single Arcturians which is a fast and powerful song, very representative of its own style. Definitely, INFERNO‘s club day offered us many good non Norwegian bands who shown their potential, and put something to remember in our minds.

BLÅ venue hosted the Dark Essence Records stage, where Norwegians Galar were presenting their last album De gjenlevende to start crowd’s engines with their melodic riffs and synths. Just after Galar, Icelanders Momentum entered the venue to present their new album The Freak Is Alive which has been well received by a crowd hungry for progressive music, and they were not dissapointed because Krakow in a wonderful performance has presented their new album Amaran, and offered vibrant and powerful moments to a completely full venue… Krakow’s live performance gave the audience an incredible experience of power, dynamic riffs, and rapport with their music, definitely one of the Bergen’s finest bands of the last years…

Krakow at Bla

After a short wait in a completely full venue (lots of people waiting outside for a chance to enter), the almighty Taake entered the stage to make the crowd feel crazy, everybody was waiting to see one of the most important Bergen’s bands… Hoest gathered some of the most talented Bergen’s musicians to their live set: Gjermund (Enchanting Darkness), V’gandr (Helheim), Aindiachaí (ex Druid, ex Slavia), and Brodd to keep Norwegian feeling into his live performance. The show started with their best classics, which evolved to play Fra vadested til vaandesmed in an outstanding way at best Hoest‘s style, fully connected with the crowd, raw vocals, energy, and conviction to his art… Then Taake played the best songs of their last album Stridens Hus, one of the most progressive albums ever released by the band… Despite some technical problems, Hoest has shown his professionalism to continue the show with hate and strength, as expected by the crowd… Hail Hoest , Hail Taake !!!

Taake at Bla

Pictures: TaakeNaglfar, Krakow


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