May 06

Incite Studio Report #2



Incite Recording week 2

Here we are rolling into week two. We’ve settled in at our extended stay hotel, made it nice & homey. We even christened the room with an ancient “smoke ceremony”.

The only thing we can’t get used to, but find completely hilarious, is all the crazy characters that “live” in this place. One morning we were even awoken at 8:30am to the sounds of a hooker (literally) screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs as she was fighting with her “man friend”. At least our room is nice.

We have now moved over to the Hydeaway, Matt Hyde‘s studio. Which is conveniently two minutes from our hotel. It’s a comfy studio with a killer vibe. It reminds me a lot of Byron Filson‘s Villain Studios before he expanded. Here is where the rest of the recording will take place.
Dis & Matt (Hyde) started dialing in tones & picking guitars while the rest of us set up the “burnasium” on the patio. Matt has five dogs, mostly evil Chihuahuas, that kept us in line.

Once everything was dialed in, Dis blazed through track after track with precision! He’s a great studio player, extremely tight, & Matt dialed in a killer guitar tone.

photo 2
While Dis was shredding it up, we got to make a pit stop & see our man Kendog, Max Cavalera‘s guitar tech. It was good to catch up, burn down, & talk shit. I LOVE watching Kendog & Lennon go back & forth… Always entertaining.

A couple of days later, newest Incite member Dru, flew in for guitar week to play on a couple of tracks. He was beyond stoked. He laid down his tracks & even snuck in a killer solo.

photo 4
It’s been smooth sailing so far, & we’re having a blast. I even heard Dis talk. If you know him, you KNOW that’s a rarity, but he’s funny as hell!
However, as fun as it is, I already miss my own bed & home cooked meals but hey, ya gotta appease the Metal Gods right?

Stay frost y’all!


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