Aug 15

In This Moment – Blood (2012)


After 2 years of silence, lineup changes, and heavy touring in North America and Europe. In This Moment released their 4th studio album Blood, a strong combination of atmospheric textures, heavy riffs and dirty lyrics that show the growing of them as a band, and prove them as one of the top American metal bands on the international scene at the moment.

Blood is a slap in the face, and a kick in the nuts with the voice of Maria Brinks one of today’s hottest chicks in metal. The album opens with Rise With Me a two-minute intro that marks how atmospheric the rest of the album is intended to be. Blood is a very strong song in the way Maria‘s voice is delivered, very emotional and melancholic at the same time. Adrenalized is a more dynamic song, with a very intense Deftones vibe, and really sexy lyrics. Whore reflects … well like the title implies, a very straightforward song that again, the tone and emotion that Maria puts on the vocals will let you speechless.

You Are Gonna Listen is a very electronic song in the vein of NIN with really great riffs and a huge attitude. Burn is a very space themed kind of song with a lot of up and downs along the melody. Scarlet is a very catchy song a bit soft compared with the rest of the album I must say. From The Ashes has that touch that took me back to 2007’s Beautiful Tragedy, very raw, a bit slow, but still very strong. Beast Within is a kind of experimental song that has a lot of industrial and even disco elements, with very provocative lyrics. Comanche and The Blood Legion add more to the atmospheric personality of the album that works perfectly with the aggressive vocals and heaviness of the music displayed throughout the album.

In This Moment had revamped themselves in Blood in relation to what they had done in the past, not only is a new chapter in the band’s musical journey, but also is an exploration of their most deeper desires. A very strong and dirty album, as Maria and Chris told us last time we talked to them, that leads the band to uncharted territories, and suits perfect to old and new fans of the band.


01. Rise With Me
02. Blood
03. Adrenalize
04. Whore
05. You’re Gonna Listen
06. It Is Written
07. Burn
08. Scarlet
09. Aries
10. From The Ashes
11. Beast Within
12. Comanche
13. The Blood Legion
14. 11_11

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