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In The Silence – A Fair Dream Gone Mad (2013)



Break out the proverbial music blender! Add one part Katatonia, one part Opeth, one part Anathema, a dash of Porcupine Tree, and even a pinch of Ghost, and what do you end up with?  You get Sacramento, California progressive metal band, In The Silence. Combining a mixture of ambient atmospherics, melancholy, heavy metal, and progressive metal, you have their latest release, 2012’s A Fair Dream Gone Mad.

Self financed and initially independently released (re-released by Sensory Records), In The Silence show maturity that you wouldn’t expect on a début release. From the opening song, Ever Close, to the last song, Your Reward, there is a sinewy flow, from soft to hard, quiet to loud throughout the cd. I find that each song flows out of, and into the next with ease. Before you realize it, the cd has finished. It’s just that easy to get lost in the flow of the music. At which point I hit repeat and play it again.

Recorded at Fat Cat Studios in Sacramento, between the months of June 2011 and May 2012. The engineering, production, mixing, and mastering duties were handled by Jack (Jay) Trammel. The production shimmers, with no instrument seemingly out of place. At points, you can have a minimalist approach, followed by music that is very dense in the mix. Formed in 2006 by Josh Burke, with the current lineup having been together since 2009, they show maturity and veteran songwriting skills. Each member adeptly handles their instrument. Clean soaring vocals, harmonies, droning guitars, guitar leads ranging from a bluesy style, to proggie, to all out shred, with the drums and bass gluing everything together, providing a solid anchor for each song.

In The Silence is truly a genre bending band, and with this release, you really can’t pigeonhole them into any one style of music. If you like and appreciate any of the bands I listed at the beginning, you owe it to yourself to grab this CD. You will not be sorry, and will more than likely be surprised at the goodness that will flow from your speakers.



01 – Ever Close
02 – 17 Shades
03 – Serenity
04 – Beneath The Falling Leaves
05 – Close To Me
06 – Endless Sea
07 – All The Pieces
08 – Your Reward
Genre: Progressive Metal

Label:  Sensory Records

Playing Time:  47:06

In the Silence is: 
Josh Burke: Guitars & Vocals
Nate Higgins: Guitars
Dennis Davis: Bass
Niko Panagopoulos: Drums


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