Oct 28

In solitude & Watain live at Joe’s Grotto Phoenix, AZ (10/27/13)



Last night’s show at Joe’s grotto was better than the last time I saw Watain & In Solitude at the Nile Theater last year, not only the stage and sound is better at Joe’s Grotto, but also the place and staff are is nicer.

I arrived around 6 pm, and the first band of the night Tribulation took the stage an hour later, unfortunately I missed their set as we were doing an interview with Watain, but for what I heard from people I talked to after their set, they put up an impressive show, and people dig their set.

I got back into the venue right on time for In Solitude‘s set, which was a bit different from last year, some of the songs from their new album Sister are more melodic and less heavy. They had a ‘classic rock’ kind of vibe going on in this album. The clean vocals and solo parts moved the style of the band to a more heavy metal territory, rather than a more aggressive sound. Songs like: Demons, Lavender, We Were Never Here, A Buried Sun, To Her Darkness, Sister, and Witches Sabbath graced the stage, and people loved their show.

Is not doubt that the music the brothers Pelle & Gottfrid Åhman had created brings a mystical influence to the stage. Its like getting in trance with the dark aura of the world, that flows through their music. It was unfortunately that their set was so short, next time they should have more time to deliver a much complete ritual.

Finally Watain took a stage only lighted by candles and a red light, their ritual was eclectic from beginning to end, no animal carcass or putrid smells, only the decomposing scent of their stage clothes that brought memories of past shows, the crowd felt the darkness of their music and surrendered to the new songs out of their new album The Wild Hunt.

Overall it was a good show, but personally I could have use more In Solitude stage time, and a more rotting Watain show, but I guess that will have to wait until next time.

Here are some of the pictures we got of In Solitude & Watain in Phoenix, AZ last night.


Ester Segarra

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