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In Flames,Trivium & Veil Of Maya at Marquee Theater 02/08/2012


I have seen In Flames a few times in the past, but always during summer time and in an outdoor venue, which means over a 100 degrees and in a place way out the city. So last year when it was announce that they were coming back, and playing at Marquee Theater here in Tempe, AZ during February, I was relieve for an inside venue close to me. Last night unfortunately I got to the Marquee around 8:30 pm and by then Veil Of Maya was in the middle of their set. They got a good response from the public and an interesting proposal I must say.


I never listen to the band before, not for dislike but not really interest there for me. I did hear of their fame and great live performances, but last night their show was great, Trivium is a band that has been around since 1999 playing with different venues and festivals around the world, sharing stage with names like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Iced Earth just to name a few. But last night I was blown away by the charisma, and stage presence of guitarist Mark Hefty, who was happy to be back in Tempe, as he mentioned it a couple of times. Their sound was clear and really appealing to the crowd, as they sang along their tunes, and people mosh during some of their fast songs. A good band to see live I must say.

In Flames

What can we say about the one of bands behind the invention of melodic death metal back in the 90’s. Well just to be glad to see them play live once more. In Flames went on stage around 10:15 pm, opening with the title track of their latest album Sounds Of A Playground Fading release last summer followed by their first single of the same record Deliver Us, and All For me also out that album. By then the place was full, and the energy of the crowd was raising really quick. Then the following song was Trigger out of their 2002 Reroute To Remain album, always a great song to see live.

The band continued with Alias out of their 2008 A Sense Of Purpose album a favorite among the crowd as people sang along to it. Then Anders frontman of the band, told us that they were about to play a couple of old songs. Swim out of Clayman album of 2000 and The Hive out their Whoracle back in 1997, two of their greatest records on my opinion. The crowd sang a long those two songs almost entirely and that was pretty cool.

Then the band played Quiet Place out of the Soundtrack To Your Escape album followed by Where Dead Ships Dwell and Fear Is The Weakness of their latest album. Their rest of the set was a mixture between The Sense Of Purpose album, Come Clarity and Sounds Of Playground Fading. But closing with one of the favorites among the public, Take This Life and by then all energy levels among the people were really high.

Indeed a great show that once again proved, that regardless of the line up changes, In Flames still rules, and is one of those bands that can reinvent themselves with every album they put out, without losing that unique characteristic of their sound that makes them so special and appealing to their fans.

Here are some of the pictures of last night’s show



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