Jun 19

In Flames – Sounds Of A Playground Fading (2011)


The masters of Swedish melodic death metal In Flames returned, with a new album Sounds Of A Playground Fading, with a retrospective style that reminds the sound used in Clayman (2000) their 5th studio album. Of course with some changes in sound and the use of electronic elements in a higher scale. is also important to point out the band’s line up change in which founder member Jester Stromblad left in good terms the band in February 2010, and the return of former member  Niclas Engelin who worked with the band back in 1997 and who now took the place left by Stromblad in guitar.

Sounds Of A Playground Fading is a strong song that opened the album and clearly shows the skills of Engelin in the guitar and his preservation of that old In Flames sound, continuing with Deliver Us a very psychedelic song that mix progressive elements with electronic vanguards, a perfect fusion that injects that In Flames groove that is characteristic of the band. All For Me is the perfect strong ballad that is like a bittersweet add to the album. The Puzzle one of the most fast and strong song of the album is the perfect example of how melodic metal is done. Fear Is The Weakness fits the voice of Anders and pushes the skills of the vocalist to the limit that creates a very enjoyable track that resumes why Anders is one of the best frontman out there these days. Where The Dead Ships Dwell is a well done track with an industrial structure that gives a twist to the death metal part.

The Attic another ballad which is not rare in a In Flames album, and brings a balance to the album that at the same time is a great melody for the ear. Darker Times is a very fast paced track that again shows the excellent fit of the band and their continuous experimentation with electronic and industrial sounds.

The evolution of a band sometimes is not just moving forward but also looking back and retake elements that formed their own sound, and this is what In Flames did with Sounds Of  A Playground Fading. A excellent album that presents a unique collection of sounds, that just this titans of Swedish melodic death metal can create, cannot wait to see them live and listen some of this tracks. Indeed a new masterpiece in the musical career of In Flames.

Power Tracks: Sounds Of A Playground Fading, Deliver Us, Where The Dead Ships Dwell, Darker Times, Fear Is The Weakness

Slow Tracks: The Puzzle, Jester’s Door, A New Dawn, The Attic


01. Sounds Of A Playground Fading
02. Deliver Us
03. All For Me
04. The Puzzle
05. Fear Is The Weakness
06. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
07. The Attic
08. Darker Times
09. Ropes
10. Enter Tragedy
11. Jester’s Door
12. A New Dawn
13. Liberation



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