Jun 08

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ unveil new album details, stream new track


IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have unveiled new details behind their forthcoming new album, ‘Dis Manibvs’. ‘Dis Manibvs’ translates from Latin to “To the Spirits of the Dead” – meaning “In Remembrance”, and originally found on antique Roman grave markers. The album track list and cover art can be found below.

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ are streaming the first new track, “Only Fragments of Light” at Revolver Magazine.. “Only Fragments of Light” is a prime example of the band’s majestic take on atmospheric metal.

Regarding the new track, the band comments:

“The first song to be released from our forthcoming album also represents its opening salvo. ‘Only Fragments Of Light’ will give you a solid impression of our new creation. You will find highly energetic parts, but also pure epic moments as well as our typical melancholy. We hope that this song will stir your hunger for more from ‘Dis Manibvs’.

‘Dis Manibvs’ is available for pre-order across several CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop. The German black metal veterans will release their fifth full-length on August 26 worldwide.

1. In Todesbanden
2. Only Fragments Of Light
3. Still I Rise
4. Dis Manibvs
5. Pantheon Spells
6. Vae Victis
7. Volcano
8. Somnia
9. Pure Nocturnal Rome
10. Seikilos

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the IMPERIUM DEKADENZ Facebook page.

What the press says about IMPERIUM DEKADENZ:

“Imperium Dekadenz specialize in gorgeous, widescreen grandeur…Melodic riffs and drawn out song structures allude to depressive black metal, a style more often played in bedrooms and drowned in cassette hiss, but Meadows sounds monumental thanks to a pristine mix and some surprisingly tasteful guitar heroics…we get a thing of beauty played at maximum volume, to maximum effect.” – Stereogum’s top 50 Albums of 2013

“A band with the ability to give fans what they want will find longevity, but those who can give fans what they need will build a legacy. Germany’s Imperium Dekadenz is beginning to do just that, not through evolution or ingenuity, but by flipping to the other side of their own coin…It’s a great example of a band knowing what they’re great at, and turning the dial of space-time about 15 degrees in order to find an ever-so-slight variation of themselves. The coin has been flipped, and the results are beautiful and entrancing, while absolutely exuding conviction.” – Last Rites

“Imperium Dekadenz really should be more well-known than they are, as they have a streak now of putting out great records that can affect you deep inside. You don’t have to speak their native tongue to comprehend their art, and if you give yourself over to their music, the journey will be one that takes you through the forests and into the stars, watching the seasons go from deep freeze to new life.” – Metal Maniacs

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