May 13

Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy (2013)


Immolation - Kingdom Of Conspiracy - Artwork

This year, Immolation releases their newest full-length, Kingdom of Conspiracy. This band is a death metal colossus. They stand as one of the most influential bands, and this album is nothing short of their legacy. This band has been smart about their progression; their composition hasn’t changed much, but they have become more mature with their songwriting. This more dynamic Immolation continues to break barriers in music, with this album as proof.

The album starts with pure brutality. The opening track “Kingdom of Conspiracy” begins with a heavy riff and vulgar lows from bassist and vocalist Ross Dolan. One as the qualities about Immolation’s music that I and other Immolation fans have always loved is the distinctive style of guitarists Robert Vigna and Bill Taylor. Their wailing techniques in their solos are individualistic; they contain traits that are complex yet catchy. My favorite riff on the album is the continuous riff in the song “Keep the Silence.” The wailing guitar chord mixed with the double bass is irresistible. This band matured drastically since their formation in the late eighties, specifically with their lyricism. Originally writing about anti-religion in their songs, they changed to a more political theme when writing lyrics. But overall, Immolation has kept their attitude about releasing heavy music.

Immolation fans, old and new, will appreciate this new album. The tracks contain the same amount energy and technicality as their older material. It’s refreshing to see these bands still continue to write and tour. I’m a death metal fan of the old and new, and you can really tell the bands that are passionate about the metal industry. Immolation still remains one of the most ruthless acts in death metal history. Kingdom of Conspiracy is another trophy standing on the shelf for this band.



1. Kingdom of Conspiracy
2. Bound to Order
3. Keep the Silence
4. God Complex
5. Echoes of Despair
6. Indoctrinate
7. The Great Sleep
8. A Spectacle of Lies
9. Serving Divinity
10. All That Awaits Us

Genre: Death Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 39 minutes


Ross Dolan – Vocals/Bass
Robert Vigna- GuitarBill Taylor – Guitar
Steve Shalaty – Drums


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