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Icarus Witch – Rise (2012)


Originally from Pittsburgh, PA this power metal band has produced high quality music since their start in 2004, The band is well-known for being the backup band of Paul Di’Anno former Iron Maiden frontman during his North American tours. Icarus Witch is not a new band trying to revive the 80’s or ripping off the Euro metal sound, No on the contrary they had developed their own sound through their discography. That this year features their new studio album Rise.

The album opens with The End a really progressive song that has all the elements of power metal, but with a different twist that makes the song quite appealing. (We Are) The New Revolution is exactly what the title implies a new vision at the time to create this kind of music, the song is powerful and the intention is clear Icarus Witch wants to push the idea of American power metal further. The title track of the album Rise and Coming Of The Storm are more complex songs, very heavy but full of progressive elements that are all over the place, this gives a fresh perspective to the album and what the band wants to do on this new chapter.

Tragedy presents us the first slow song of the album, not a ballad but a slow tempo song full of a great guitar background work that doesn’t need to be really loud to show its skill. Say When is a very catchy tune that let the power of Christopher Shaner‘s voice be heard. Break The Cycle is one of my favorite songs out the album, a pulsing bass and a strong guitar that makes the song super melodic and really easy to enjoy. Nothing Is Forever is a ballad that brings balance to the album, really 80’s based but with a modern touch Icarus Witch gives a personality to the album with this song. Pray is a straightforward power metal song full of fast riffs, epic vocals, and pounding drums. In The Dark is a hard rock song really rooted in a southern sound with real blues based melodies that it will put you to headbang to it non stop.

Last Call For Living is a classic heavy metal song, in the vein of Judas Priest I would say, but with a splash of progressive, which lift the song and make it a bit more edgy. Icarus Witch with Rise succeeds in bringing a fresh perspective of how to make power metal using past influences, but creating the concept from scratch. A great album from a band that has a lot of potential in the American power metal scene.

01. “The End”
02. “(We Are) The New Revolution”
03. “Rise”
04. “Asylum Harbour”
05. “Coming Of The Storm”
06. “Tragedy”
07. “Say When”
08. “Break The Cycle”
09. “Nothing Is Forever”
10. “Pray”
11. “In The Dark”

12. “Last Call For Living”

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