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I.C.S Vortex – Storm Seeker (2011)


Simen Hestnæs better known as I.C.S Vortex has been one of the most proliferate musicians in the international metal scene. first with Black Metal band Borknagar, then with the Avant-Garde metal band Arcturus. But it was his role as bassist and clean vocals in Dimmu Borgir that gave him a boost of notoriety, until he was booted out of the band back in 2009.

After connecting with his old band mates of Borknagar and Arturus (on and off project). He decides to launch his solo career and with a new line up full of experienced musicians like Asgeir Mickelson – Drums (Sarke, Spiral Architect, ex Borknagar, ex Testament), Terje “Cyrus” Andersen – Guitar (Susperia, ex Satyricon, ex Dimmu Borgir), Jens F. Ryland – Guitar (Borknagar) and Steinar “Azarak” Gundersen – Bass (Spiral Architect, ex Satyricon) and of course I.C.S Vortex on clean vocals. The result is Storm Seeker.

A totally unorthodox album that for many classic black metal followers would result in disappointment, but for others with a more open mind is just genius. Storm Seeker‘s first two tracks (The Blackmobile & Odin’s tree) keep a heaviness in the borders of black metal, but without guttural voices. From that point on the album is a rollercoaster of experimental sounds, with a familiar 70’s or Deep Purple kind of sound, but on steroids. Tracks like Windward, Oil On Water and When Shuffled On are an example of that experiment.

Indeed Storm Seeker is not a Black metal or a Avant-Garde album, but something different a new chapter on the career of I.C.S Vortex that not only shows his vocal capabilities but his musical awesomeness in a total different metal prospect.


1. The Blackmobile (3:18)
2. Odin’s Tree (4:43)
3. Skoal! (2:30)
4. Dogsmacked (4:25)
5. Aces (3:42)
6. Windward (3:55)
7. When Shuffled Off (3:47)
8. Oil In Water (4:55)
9. Storm Seeker (6:32)
10. Flaskeskipper (2:48)
11. The Sub Mariner (4:35)



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