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Huntress – Static (2015)



Since Huntress fully appeared in the metal scene back in 2012, they have been an example of how a band can reach significant success on today’s music industry. With Spell Eater they toured North America and Europe, and filled up from small venues to some large arenas around the world. In 2013, Starbound Beast was the continuation of the sound that would define Huntress. Now in 2015 Huntress is back with their new album, Static, an album that brings together the elements of their two previous records unified on a new definitive album.

Static opens up with Sorrow, a song filled with fast riffs, ferocious vocals, and a heavier sound that will ones of the keys to digest this album. Flesh & Static could easily be the greatest songs of on this album, as the guitar work on them is flawless, the melodies are so catchy and appealing, and with this songs you can feel that same vibe you feel when you listen to Spell EaterBrian, comes off as a dense and psychedelic song in which unfortunately the vocals seems to get lost and sometimes buried between the guitar riffs.

I Want To Wake Up, is a hard rock song, unique and different from the rest of the album that balance it, and brings a new to the color of the record. Mania, is the slow song on the album that along their melodic lines it reminiscence the softness of Iron Maiden (Killers album), the vocals of Jill Janus are just huge on this song. Four Blood Moons has pretty epic guitars, its fast, heavy and definitely would be an awesome live song.

Harsh Times On Planet Stoked, besides having the coolest title song on the album, this song has a more dense sound on the guitar department, and  the rock and roll style on it approaches more to a Starbound Beast type of song. Noble Savage & Fire Heart are songs builded up on catchy and heavy melodies, and their eerie atmospheric backgrounds add texture and a sense of danger to the album.

Huntress keeps impressing me with their music more and more, not only they had grown up a lot as a band, but their unique style has set them apart from the regular stoner metal band, and I am glad that happened as they keep going on a different direction that has more opportunities for them as a band. I am looking forward to listen to some of this material live and how it transmit to the live audiences, for now Static is a solid album filled up with violent and heavy music.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



I want To Wanna Wake Up
Four Blood Moons
Harsh Times On Planet Stoked
Noble Savage
Fire In My Heart

Genre: Heavy Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 47 minutes

Line up:

Jill Janus – Vocals
Blake Meahl – Guitars
Eli Santana – Guitars
Tyler Meahl – Drums


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