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Huntress – Starbound Beast (2013)



Huntress debuted their freshman album Spell Eater last year, after the buzz of the album, the band spent the year touring the USA and Europe. The result of those tours was not only experience on stage, a steady lineup, and  a taste of the life on the road. Those events also were the beginning of a new era for Huntress that eventually took the band back to the studio for the recording of their new album Starbound Beast, and gain them a spot on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013.

Starbound Beast opens with Enter The Exosphere a sort of intro with some thrash/heavy riffs and backing vocals by Jill Janus, a tease of what would come next. Blood Sisters is a mixture of 80’s thrash metal and NWOBHM guitar riffs, The song is fresh, catchy and full of powerful vocal lines. I Want To Fuck You To Death was the advance single for this album, the song was co-written by Lemmy of Motorhead. The song itself didn’t cause any effect on me personally. However, the guitar work of Blake Meahl and Anthony Crocamo is just amazing. Destroy Your Life and Starbound Beast, are songs that have an Iron Maiden/Judas Priest kind of vibe, and resemble the influences of Huntress. Again the voice of Jill always surprises me, because of its power and the way that she can conjure changes upon it at will.

Zenith and Oracle, are by far the fastest songs on this album, really energetic songs full of powerful guitar riffs, and raging drum beats. Again I am fascinated by how much Blake Meahl has expanded his style of playing, and how that reflects on the outcome of the album. Receiver, is a more rock and roll kind of song that keeps some of the spirit of Spell Eater, which is good as a reference of the band’s original sound. One thing about this song is the change around 1:55 that gives a grim tone to the song almost bordering into black metal, then it gets back to its original speed. A curious song indeed.

Specta Spectral, carries that obscure and dark lyric content that fascinates us about Huntress, a real treat for those looking for the lyrical essence of the band. Starbound Beast closes with Alpha Tauri, a nice melodic song full of little progressions and vocal effects that highlights Jill‘s voice.

Starbound Beast, is the next step in the musical evolution of Huntress, the result of what the band had seen on the road, their personal experiences, and the bond that the band had created with their fans. Is just good and enjoyable fucking heavy metal.


Track Listing:

01. Enter The Exosphere
02. Blood Sisters
03. I Wanna Fuck You To Death
04. Destroy Your Life
05. Starbound Beast
06. Zenith
07. Oracle
08. Receiver
09. Spectra Spectral
10. Alpha Tauri

Genre: Heavy Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing time: 45 minutes

Line up:

Jill Janus – Vocals
Blake Meahl – Guitars
Ian Alden – Bass Guitar
Carl Wierzbicky – Drums
Anthony Crocamo – Guitars

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