Apr 12

Huntress – Spell Eater (2012)


It’s been more than six months since Los Angeles based heavy metal band Huntress released the video clip of their first single Eight Of Swords, then inked a deal with Napalm Records almost right away. Was it just luck for a young band like Huntress or witchcraft? We believe is a bit of both, knowing the fascination for the occult of Jill Janus vocalist of the band, and the lyrical content of the album as well.

Spell Eater is a pure heavy metal album, not fancy guitars, not keyboard effects and not bombastic intros. Just four guys playing their instruments as loud as they can, and a gorgeous banshee projecting her breaking-glass voice as far as she can. The album opens with Spell Eater a very dark and strong track that from the beginning would let you feel the vocal power of Janus. Senicide is a more melodic song, quite catchy and with a steady tempo that will lead you to imminent head banging. Sleep And Death is a more progressive song mixed with stoner metal elements. with a Jill Janus going a bit guttural on vocals, which give aggression to the song. Snow Witch is a song so macabre that it would fit perfectly on a chainsaw massacre movie soundtrack, very fast with a bit of southern flavor on some of the riffs.

Eight of Swords is such of a powerful song that lays the intentions of Huntress. “Kill the heretic and let the witches in.” A great guitar work and powerful vocals make this song one of the highlights of the album. Aradia is one of my favorite songs out of the record. Very catchy, very dark and a powerful main riff that controls the song from beginning to end. Night Rape is a very dramatic and scary title that fits perfectly this song, which is really strange to follow, pretty much you would like it or hate it is not middle ground here. Children is more of a fierce song full of power and fast paced riffs, that again bring back that guttural voice of Janus which is fantastic. Terror is a dramatical song that it must be pulled out of a Alice Cooper‘s nightmare, really strong and dynamic. The Tower is a more catchy song, really steady tempo with a great guitar solos scattered all over the song.

Overall Spell Eater is an album that will just kick you in the nuts and put a smile on your face about it, straight forward heavy metal with an undeniable influence of death, thrash and progressive elements all over the album which make it very heavy. The voice of Jill Janus is just powerful and scary at times. A great début for a band that has a great potential, and a great future in the metal scene.


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