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THE HIRSCH EFFEKT Return With Their New Single “LIFNEJ” New Album “Eskapist” Coming August 18th, 2017!

DESTRUCTION - Thrash Anthems II

After their breathless “Holon” album trilogy, The Hirsch Effekt have probably crafted their most extreme, darkest and most complex chapter, which goes by the name of “Eskapist” and will be released on August 18th, 2017.Socially critical, caustically political and musically overwhelming, the fourth album from the Hanoverian band is truly a lesson in progressive metal, prog and core. All three band members – drummer Moritz Schmidt, guitarist and singer Nils Wittrock and bassist and singer Ilja John Lappin – had an equal share in the writing of the record.

The 12 complex compositions, interfused with prog, tech and sludge metal, continually shift between the different styles and were recorded with Tim Tautorat (who has previously worked with In Flames, Manic Street Preachers), Max Trieder and various guest musicians in Hanover, Leipzig and Berlin.

See for yourself with the new single “LIFNEJ” HERE.
Escapism, in its many different forms, is the link between the different pieces and what holds the album together. Escaping from society, “circumstances” or private life. Once again the band’s lyrics tackle issues that hurt and their music, which demands to be listened to, strikes almost incomparable in its intensity.

With the “Eskapist” album, The Hirsch Effekt give us their final comment on our time. In simple terms: remarkably intense music.

The album will be released on August 18th, 2017 via Long Branch Records.
Pre-Order The Album HERE.
07.07. DE, Berlin – Orwofestival
14.07. DE, Hamburg – Wutzrock
15.07. DE, Speyer – Hallenbeben Open Air
22.07. DE, Karlsruhe – Das Fest
02.08. AT, Wien – Jolly Roger Festival
05.08. DE, Wacken – W:O:A
12.08. DE, Eschwege – Open Flair
14.09. DE, Rostock – Indoor MAU Club
15.09. DE, Kummerfeld – Ackerfestival
16.09. AT, Dornbirn – Soundnoise Festival
29.09.-01.10. DE, Köln – Euroblast
Support: PeroPero
12.10. DE, Kiel -Schaubude
13.10. DE, Lübeck – Treibsand
14.10. DE, Göttingen – Exil
15.10. DE, Bayreuth – Glashaus
17.10. DE, Berlin – Nuke
18.10. DE, Dresden – Scheune
19.10. DE, Jena – Rosenkeller
20.10. DE, Leipzig – Felsenkeller
21.10. DE, Marburg – KFZ
25.10. DE, Weinheim – Cafe Central
26.10. DE, Karlsruhe – Jubez
27.10. DE, Frankfurt – Das Bett
28.10. DE, Stuttgart – Goldmarx
29.10. DE, Lindau – Club Vaudeville
30.10. DE, Augsburg – Soho Stage
31.10. DE, München – Backstage Club
02.11. AT, Wien – Viper Room
03.11. DE, Freiburg – Crash
04.11. CH, St. Gallen – Grabenhalle
06.11. DE, Ulm – Club Schilli
07.11. DE, Nürnberg – Z-Bau
08.11. DE, Mainz – Schon Schön
09.11. DE, Hannover – Musikzentrum
10.11. DE, Bremen – Lagerhaus
11.11. DE, Hamburg – Molotow
07.12. DE, Aachen – Musikbunker
08.12. DE, Emden – Alte Post
09.12. DE, Salzwedel – Hanseat   
14.12. DE, Oberhausen – Druckluft
15.12. DE, Moers – Bollwerk
16.12. DE, Köln – MTC
Line Up
Moritz Schmidt – Drums
Nils Wittrock – Guitar & Vocals
Ilja John Lappin – Bass & Vocals
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