May 31

Hexen – Being And Nothingness (2012)


From Los Angeles, California melodic thrash band Hexen is about to release their second album. Being and Nothingness, is the new album name which is being released through Pulverised Records. The band first record was State Of Insurgency. Current band line up is  Andre Hartoonian (Vocals & Bass), Guitar Ronny Dorian (Guitar), Tak Arayan (Guitar),  Giovanni Loyola (Drums).

The album’s intro Macrocosm is an all instrumental song.  It has a very somber feel to it & sets the tone for the rest of the songs to come. Grave New World starts off with quick pitch harmonics and then jumps into the thrash.  The track is different from most typical thrash songs. Hexen really knows how to create and set a dark atmosphere which is not seen too much among thrash bands. Defcon Rising is a very calm awesome song, every element in the song really compliments each other. Private Hell starts off with killer drums and a black metal sounding scream.  The song is very in your face and upbeat, definitely going to be a fan favorite. Walk As Many, Stand As One speeds things half way through the album. The song has a very strong beginning and end and everyone shows off their musical talent in the middle of the track by slowing things down and makes you listen to how beautiful guitar rifts can be.

The sixth track off the album is Stream Of Unconsciousness.  Just as its name it sends you down a spiral of utter mayhem. It’s a song with intricate components that transcends your mind into a state of unconsciousness.   Indefinite Archetype has very mysterious sounding intro & then shreds like no other midway through the song. The Nescient is another great song off the album.   Finally we come to the last track off  the cd which is Nocturne.  It is  a very beautiful song with amazing guitar rifts & catchy drums. The song has a very heart warmth sounding intro and then smashes your face in towards the end. Great tune to close the album with.

Being And Nothingness, is a very impressive second album. Hexen really has a very unique sound. Melodic thrash is one way to categorize them but their influences are endless. Fans should really check out the album because it is something different from what is out there. Its dark ambient melodic thrash metal but so much more. Everything sounds clean and precise and will be enjoy by all.

Track List (personal picks*)

1. Macrocosm

2. Grave New World

3. Defcon Rising

4. Private Hell

5. Walk As Many, Stand As One

6. Stream Of Unconsciousness

7. Indefinite Archetype

8. The Nescient*

9. Nocturne*


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