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Henning Basse discussed Firewind’s plans during 70000 Tons of Metal



One of the beautiful things about 70000 Tons of Metal is that besides of being a huge floating backstage party in the middle of the Caribbean sea, is that you get some personal time with some of the biggest artists aboard the ship at different times and locations around it. 

During the last day at sea in our back to Florida, we experienced not only an amazing Jamming with Waters in International Waters all-star jam but also we got to experience the fury of mother nature that forced the closure of the pool deck stage and with it all the plans that I had to have a pool deck chat with Henning Basse of Firewind. Instead, we took advantage of the fine furniture at one of the lobbies and just seat next to a window facing the fury of the ocean and talked about stuff while the boat was rocking quite a bit.

As many of you know Henning Basse is the new singer for Firewind (If you didn’t know, then there you have it now). Henning is an accomplished vocalist and vocal coach that had worked with many influential bands from Gamma Ray and Metalium to complex projects like Mayan, Sons Of Seasons and Epysode. But it was Gus G and company who invited him to join Firewind full-time as a vocalist.

And what a fine pick that one was, I got to experience Firewind playing an amazing second show at the Studio B with Henning on vocals and he just delivered a powerful rendition to each of those Firewind songs, especially Fire & Fury, World On Fire, Falling To Pieces and Few Vs Many. It was incredible seeing Firewind so revitalize and so fresh during this show at 70000 Tons of Metal.

We caught up with Henning Basse and talked about his new adventure as vocalist for Firewind, touch up a bit on his past work, and reflect on what is coming in 2016 for him as part of Firewind.



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