Sep 30

Henkka Blacksmith of Children Of Bodom discussed I Worship Chaos



After a short 2 years lapse, Children Of Bodom returns with a new album, a more visceral album that could be perceived as one of the most aggressive album since their famous Follow The Reaper (2000). Without taking any of the well-deserved credit from their previous works, it seems that the band had moved on into a new comfort zone (musically speaking) without sacrificing a thing from their trademark sound. 

It has been a bit difficult to see this transformation coming, if you have all the criticism the band have received in recent years, but if you carefully listen to Halo Of Blood, the hints were there all along. In I Worship Chaos we see a more mature band that without making any special addendum to their music it sounds heavier, and unconsciously perhaps they are bringing back some of the aggressiveness that characterized their early material.

Songs like Widdershins and Morrigan are the best examples of how their sound has grown, other songs like Hold Your Tongue, Suicide Bomber are a bit foreign to the Bodom sound, but they still carry that dark aggressiveness that the band is known for. Fuck even, Horns sounds a lot like a Old Man’s Child kind of song.

The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to speak with Henkka Blacksmith bass player of Children Of Bodom. In our chat we discussed I Worship Chaos, their upcoming show at 70000 Tons of Metal, whether or not the band will remain a quartet, and their unannounced North American tour for 2016.


Interview with Henkka Blacksmith of Children of Bodom by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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