Mar 14

Heidevolk – Batavi (2012)


Netherlands’s Heidevolk plays a version of Folk/Viking metal. In March they have released their fourth full-length album Batavi. Formed in 2002 under the moniker Hymir but soon switched the name to Heidevolk which is Dutch for Heatherfolk or “people of the moorland”. They were inspired by nature, German mythology and the history of their providence in central eastern Netherlands called Gelderland.

Heidevolk’s Batavi continues on their sound that was present in Ult Oude Grond with powerful guitars and epic atmosphere. Vocalist Mark Splintervuyscht uses deep clean vocals unlike a few of his contemporaries that use growls. The use of layering the vocals multiple times creates a visual of a huge barbarian army approaching. Guitar-wise they have a very melodic but epic sound, sounding like a cross between the band Moonsorrow and Tyr. Lyrically speaking their lyrics are in their native tongue of Dutch so discerning what they are talking about may be hard for people who don’t speak the language. However the music speaks for itself and one can visualize barbarian warriors going into battle with this music.

Heidevolk’s Batavi is a great album that is sure to please any fan of Folk/Viking metal. The folk aspect is not in the forefront of the music and thus takes a back seat where  flutes and other folk instruments are sprinkled around for added texture. Every member of this band knows his place and executes to the best of their ability. Heidevolk is not very well-known as of now but this a band is still relatively young and time will tell how well they will fair in the future.

Track Listing:

1. Een Nieuw Begin

2. De Toekomst Lonkt

3. Het Verbond met Rome

4. Wapenbroeders

5. In het Woud Gezworen

6. Veleda

7. Als de Dood Weer Naar Ons Lacht

8. Einde der Zege

9. Vrijgevochten

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