Jul 19

HEAVEN SHALL BURN announce release of ‘Wanderer’


In order to sum up the overall feelings and ideology found within HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s 8th full length offering, simply entitled, Wanderer, one need to look no further than the first few pages of the CD booklet …

“He seeks distance to change his perspective

In freedom and seclusion, he arranges his thoughts

Strength and power he regains in nature’s shielding bosom

In vivid silence and familiar remoteness he can listen to his heart

Yet he experienced that from no wayfare you return the same

He knows that nothing will change until you change yourself

And therefore, every revolutionary is a wanderer.”

In summation, during confusing and troubled times we occasionally need to retreat from all the madness that surrounds us in order to gain a new perspective. The energy and focus that can be found from this retreat can be used to spark a change within ourselves, lending to a refreshed and strengthened mindset. When one chooses simplicity over complexity, a new road appears, one that leads to a frame of mind which shows you just how over indulged we can make this journey through life.

To enhance the auditory and lyrical journey, HEAVEN SHALL BURN asked their friend and photographer Christian Thiele to embark on a quest in order to capture the beauty of mountains, plains and shorelines. The lush and awe inspiring photos that came from this trek lend to the beauty behind the brutality of Wanderer.

Sonically, Wanderer was produced by guitarist Alexander Dietz and co-produced by guitarist Maik Weichert. Drums were tracked by Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg with the rest being recorded at Dietz’s own Chemical Burn Studios in Bad Kösen. Mixing was handled by Tue Madsen in part at Chemical Burn Studios as well as at his own Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark.

The track listing of “Wanderer” reads as follows:

1. The Loss Of Fury

2. Bring The War Home

3. Passage Of The Crane

4. They Shall Not Pass

5. Downshifter

6. Prey To God

7. Agent Orange (not available on the standard Jewelcase and standard digital album)

8. My Heart Is My Compass

9. Save Me

10. Corium

11. Extermination Order

12. A River Of Crimson

13. The Cry Of Mankind

The following formats will be available:

Ltd. Deluxe 3CD Artbook

Ltd. 2CD Mediabook

Ltd. 2CD Digipak (North America only)

Standard CD Jewelcase

Gatefold 2LP+CD

Digital Album (Deluxe Edition)

Digital Album

The Ltd. 2CD Mediabook and Ltd. 2CD Digipak (North America only) both come with an extended 40 pages booklet.

For the Too Good To Steal From Bonus CD the band compiled all cover versions they ever recorded since the band started their co-operation with Century Media Records in 2003.

The luxurious coffee-table Artbook comes with an extended 60 pages booklet as well as the Too Good To Steal From CD. On top fans get an alternative mix, entitled “Dark Purity Mix”, of all original songs done by Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg.

You can preorder Wanderer here:  http://smarturl.it/wandererCMD

A whole number of bundles are available via Impericon including a special box set:

If you preorder a digital version of Wanderer on iTunes or Amazon you will get instant access to the song “Downshifter”:


Check out a semi-static clip for “Downshifter” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqpgk3ekodo&feature=youtu.be


07.21-24.16 (DE) Cuxhaven – Deichbrand Festival

08.19-21.16 (DE) Großpösna / Leipzig – Highfield Festival

09.16.16 (DE) Berlin – Kesselhaus der Kulturbrennerei (Metal Hammer Awards 2016)

Keep your eyes peeled for more news shortly.






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