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Havok – Unnatural Selection (2013)



The eccentric thrash force known as Havok is back again with more heart-pounding tracks that will tear you apart. This third release, titled Unnatural Selection, combines energizing riffs with endowing musicianship. Havok is one of those hard-boiled bands that give their listeners a sense of enjoyment. This is definitely the case with Unnatural Selection; the rapidity and chaos in this album is satisfying to our aggressive desires. This is also the first album to feature new bassist Mike Leon. Havok fans and appreciators of thrash will definitely be pleased with this release.

My two favorite songs off of this album are I am the State and Chasing the Edge. I Am the State starts off with a vigorous riff. The drums have incredible definition and are prodigious all throughout the song. This song by far has the best solo on the album. Chasing the Edge is the song that stands out the most. The incessant yet groovy riff attaches to your brain, and then somewhere in the song the riffs and drums convert to a copious and complex jumble of mass insanity, and then it reverts back to the groovy and catchy rhythm.

A more recent band, Havok’s sound incorporates some of the classic thrash bands, while also giving it more of a modern day flare. Their composition comprises of intense performance while remaining technical. Their songs have the classic thrash feel of constant lucidity, but integrated with intricate solos and melodic choruses. This technical element of the band makes their sound more original than that of other thrash bands. I like to think of their sound as a more demented offspring of Nuclear Assault. Because of this, Havok developed a dedicated following and performed alongside great thrash acts such as Testament.

Overall, this album is just fun. The pleasure you get from the power is compelling. I was told this band puts on a great performance. After hearing this album, I can definitely imagine not much will change. Havok is definitely one of the more singular thrash bands today. To that, we salute you!

Havok 2013_Pat Glenn


1. I am the State
2. Give me Liberty… Or Give me Death
3. It is True
4. Under the Gun
5. Waste of Life
6. Living Nightmare
7. Chasing the Edge
8. Worse than War
9. Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover)
10. Unnatural Selection

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label: Candlelight Records

Playing Time: 46 Minutes


David Sanchez – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Pete Webber – Drums
Reece Scruggs – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Michael Leon – Bass/Vocals



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